Practical Uses for a Garden Golf Net

Practical Uses for a Garden Golf Net

The practical uses for a garden golf net are almost limitless. It doesn’t matter whether you just don’t want to go to the golf drive or you just literally want to stay at home with the family while still play golf. A garden golf net will be exactly the item that you need to keep practicing but at the same time balance your life outside and in. So in this post we are going to look at all the best golf garden nets on the market available today and we are going to look at which ones are the cheapest and the most expensive and see which one is the best for your golfing needs in the back garden.

Golfball in net

PGA Tour Pro Size Driving Net with Carry Bag

I really like the PGA Tour Pro Size Driving Net with Carry Bag because it’s strong and sturdy and built with extremely good materials. It’s quick and easy to assemble and the colour coordinated sections make it so easy to follow that you really could be a child and put the thing together. That means that if you’ve got a garden that’s particularly cramped you just want to get the golf net in and out all the time, it’s really easy just to pop it up and pop it down as and when you please. It means that you literally got a couple of minutes just to set up and it won’t be a problem for you at all. It has a very useful target area of around 214 cm high by 305cm wide this gives you plenty of room to shoot the net and generally speaking you won’t miss and that important for safety.

One of these are really like about the PGA Tour Pro Size Driving Net with Carry Bag though, it comes with a little bit of an artificial turf section which means that if you fancied practicing your chipping rather than driving it means that you could do so as well.

FORB Portable Golf Net

The FORB Portable Golf Net is Arguably my best choice because it’s really well built and it’s completely designed just for driving. And it’s very very quick and light weight and easy to set up. It goes without saying that this is super easy assembly because he’s very straightforward and it folds away minutes literally meaning the assembly leaves more time for practice after all.

One of the best things about the football golf near was the fact that I was able to have the delivery literally next day. I ordered it about 8 p.m. one evening and received it about 6 a.m. the next day. That means that basically I got my delivery within a short space of about 10 hours which is incredible for a garden golf net.

Golf Chipping Net by Longridge

Golf Chipping Net by Longridge

Golf Chipping Net by Longridge

I actually bought the Garden Golf Chipping Net by Longridge. Amazing release brilliant little Chip in it only cost me about 8 quid and it actually served me very well. Basically setup in literally seconds compared to the other ones and of course that means even more time for practice and less time messing around. If it in almost any single garden and it gives you the option just to practice short game more than The Long Game. Personally I think it’s a much better things to do in the back garden because it’s a lot safer and causes you a lot less grief so overall the Garden golf chipping there’s absolutely ideal. Basically it meant I could spend an awful lot more time with my family and I was overly pleased with the fact that I didn’t have to go to the golf range just so I could do a bit of practice chipping. I will say that it’s not absolutely ideal if you want to play around 30 to 50 yards, but the bottom line is depending on the size of your garden that might be in play anyway. It just so happens I’ve got a really small garden and this was really practical for me. If I had a bigger garden though definitely go with something that would allow me to sort a 30 to 50 yard range to play around but unfortunately don’t and so this is what I’ve got and I’m sticking with it. As far as garden golf this is absolutely ideal as far as I’m concerned.

Different Types of Golf Club in a Golfer’s Bag

Golf is a pretty intricate sport where a serious level of skill and precision are required. Because of the various different distances and terrain types a golfer will need to handle in a given game, golfers use all kinds of different golf clubs to achieve different types of shot. In serious golf competitions, golfers are usually limited to carrying 14 clubs, however casual golfers may have even more than this, which is why caddies who look after a golfer’s kit and golf carts to transport both people and clubs around are so necessary!

If you are thinking of taking up golf, or are simply curious as to what the names of and reasons for all of those different clubs in your friends’ golfing set are, then here are the main types and where they would be used:


The driver has the longest ‘shaft’ (the long bar that makes up the body of the club) of all the clubs, and is designed for hitting balls long distances off of a tee. A golfer will usually just carry one driver. In a modern set of clubs, the driver will have a head made of a lightweight material like carbon fiber, however historically these clubs would have a hardwood head.

Fairway Woods

putting gripThe driver is considered the ’1 wood’, and then the next long range golf clubs are the fairway woods, which are the 2, 3, 4, and 5 woods. Most golfers these days will only carry two woods, usually the 3 wood and the 5 wood, though some only carry one, and those who aren’t restricted by a 14 club rule may carry all of them. They are used for long distance shots, but from the ground rather than from the tee.


Irons are the most commonly used clubs in the average game, and are numbered from 1 to 9, with the 1 iron being the longest and the 9 the shortest. Few golfers carry the 1, 2 or 3 irons any more, as advances in kit design have made them pretty much redundant. Irons have flat heads rather than the rounded kind found on woods and drivers, and they are used for precision shots of varying distances.


Wedges are designed for when a golfer needs to get under the ball and scoop it up high, for example if the ball is in a sand trap or bunker. Indeed, there is a specific wedge called a sand wedge used for sand shots.


For many golfers, the putter is the most loved club, but also the one that can cause the most frustration, as it is used for very precise short range shots, usually intended to get the ball into the hole! They are usually the shortest clubs, however some modern golfers use long putters which allow for a different style of play.

With so many clubs to choose, carry and swap between during a game of golf, it is no wonder that it is considered good exercise, due to all the walking and carrying! Luckily for golfers who want to get through their games faster and without all the hefting around of clubs, there are those golf cart wheels to take the strain instead!

Using Golf As An Educational Platform

Golf is a sport which has always split opinion; either loved or loathed, it is rare to come across someone who is indifferent to golf as a spectacle. Famously, Oscar Wilde once said that “golf is a good walk spoiled” and there is no better quotation to show the kind of divide there is when looking at the sport. However, if you are a fan who happens to have young children, it may be worthwhile trying to get them involved in playing from an early age. Not only can such family activities act as a bonding exercise, but also there are plenty of educational aspects to the game which children would profit from in the long term.

Maths – Getting Your Head Around the Scoring System

Golf is one of the few sports where achieving a low score is the aim of the game, with each hole on the eighteen hole circuit given a par, or a number of shots it is expected to take the average player to complete the hole in. This is then added up over the course of the entire game to create a final score, which will hopefully see the player achieve a negative score, meaning they were able to complete the holes in front of them in fewer shots than it was expected.

With mathematics being one of the most vital skills children are taught at school, it is important that parents put their children in situations outside of a school context where they can apply the kind of analytical thinking they are expected to show during the week and golf enables this. By letting your child keep score throughout the day’s play, there is a strong possibility you will witness an increased understanding of the mathematical curriculum they are tested on throughout their time at school.

Geography – Great Weather for It

Golf also differs from a large majority of sports in that is held entirely outdoors, rather than in a stadium or arena where the roof can be closed if weather is not ideal for the necessary conditions. For example, the majority of stadiums used in the FIFA World Cup tournaments now have roofs which can be closed in advance of a match if the weather forecast predicts poor conditions. As golf does not enjoy this luxury, players are often seen playing in difficult conditions, whether it be heavy rain or strong winds.

By introducing children to golf at an early age, they are likely to begin taking an interest in weather forecasts when they are looking to head off for a round of golf during the weekend. This will increase their own understanding of certain geographical issues surrounding the weather and could in fact inspire them to look into specialising in such an area at a later time in life. With the weather being a stable part of the geography curriculum at schools, having an interest in this area from childhood is likely to mean this area of the syllabus at least will be something your child would thrive in.

This educational aspect to the sport is something which is often overlooked, but if you can interest your children from an early age they are likely to reap the rewards, and of course the more they play, the better they will be. Before you know it you may be in need of some storage room for the golf trophies they are accumulating, and of course, this will increase their self-esteem levels, which is another vital aspect of growing up. All in all, involving you child in golf early seems to be a ‘no brainer’.


DIY Golf Cart Repairs

DIY Golf Cart Repairs

Some families own a golf cart for driving around a large property or a vacation home area, such as a lake or beach. Others have one at home and use it for getting around the neighbourhood, perhaps to a neighbour’s house or to the local pool. In all cases, golf carts that are used on streets, even small residential streets, are required to be in compliance with the traffic laws in that county or city. Because of this, people are now taking it into their own hands to repair golf carts when the time comes. Golf cart repair kits are available online for many different makes and models.

Doing your own repairs on the golf cart can save you a lot of time and money. Usually, a mechanic for a golf cart comes to the home, which can cost a lot more than you may be planning. This is essentially a house call. Since you can’t operate a golf cart on highways or feeder roads, it’s often required for the golf cart mechanic to make a house call to repair the cart. This leads to high costs. Why pay a premium when you are able to do the same thing on your own?

Buy Golf Cart Repair Kit Online

Know the model of your golf cart. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the right golf cart repair kit online. Knowing the model is crucial to ensuring you get the right parts home. Any worthwhile online store that sells golf cart repair kits will have a guide properly displaying the things to look for to determine which model of golf cart you drive.
Watch YouTube videos and other online resources. There are a plethora of resources out there that walk you through the basic DIY repairs for golf carts. Learn these things early on when the first repairs are required for your golf cart. You will find that it saves you a lot of money and time in the end. Buying a golf cart is an investment and with proper care, it can last you a very long time, just like a car.

Tell your kids to be careful. Nothing will cause wear and tear on a golf cart faster than mindless tweens and teens. If it’s primarily your kids that drive the golf cart around the neighborhood, go over safety measures with them, as well as the things they need to keep an eye out for to make sure the golf cart stays in good condition. If you’re working and busy with family and friends, and do not regularly drive the cart, there’s a chance you won’t notice things like a dead headlight or low tire. Teach your kids to be responsible for this privilege and show them how to properly treat the golf cart so it lasts a long time.
With proper care, a golf cart can last a very long time for you and your family. Ordering golf cart parts online for DIY repairs cuts down on costs.

Learn how to putt the pro golfer way

I want to explain to you EXACTLY how to putt and get it right fast, even if up until now your putting game has been letting you down.

The world of golf is great fun, but if your putting is letting you down it can be downright FRUSTRATING!

Most of the standard ways to learn golf don’t tell you that there are simple tips and tricks that you need to get right and this will get you putting like a pro in no time.

Often when you learn how to golf the focus is on getting your golf swing right. But being able to drive is not the only important aspect of golf! There’s so much more to it – having a strong putting game is essential too lowering your handicap.
Even if you’ve tried learning to putt, it’s FRUSTRATING and CONFUSING! Because there’s so much conflicting advice and different strategies.

Even if you’ve been for a couple of lessons and to the driving range there’s still a huge gap between being able to drive the ball and being able to play a decent round of golf.

So, not only is it frustrating learning how to hit a golf ball, even when you can, you are still no closer to being able to play a round of golf. It costs you a lot of money and you have little to show for it.

Luckily I have a solution for you – and it works, ask our fans who’ve tried it!

And the best part: You can learn most of what you need for your putting game from the comfort of your own chair! It’s then up to you to get on the greens and practise!

It couldn’t be easier, and it will give you the confidence to get out on the golf course and play a round with peers. You won’t ever have to feel embarrassed about not knowing how to grip your putter, let alone sink your putts.

That was the worst part for me. Wondering what people were thinking when I tried to sink my putts and kept failing.

There is no better feeling than being confident on the greens, knowing that you have a strong short game and this has the most positive impact on your game (because golf is a mental game after all).

But before we get into the details, we need to understand…

The Facts About Learning How to Putt
Learning golf is easy if you go about it the right way, but chances are:

You’re intimidated because everyone else on the golf course seems to know what they’re doing
You’re not sure about the best way to hold your putter
You don’t know how to evaluate the green and sink your putts
There are any number of ways that you can learn to master putting, but most of them are a lot of work and don’t really help anyway.

There are always new trends and fads that promise to get you to pro golfer level fast.

And I tried most of them – I really wanted to learn how to golf quickly and simply with all the important information included.

Luckily I met a pro-golfer. He was also frustrated at all the bad and CONTRADICTORY advice out there.

Together we began working on a solution, a system that would help golfers get quickly to grips with putting and improve their accuracy almost overnight and it REALLY WORKS!

What can you expect from the Ultimate Putting Guide?

Learn about the mental game(it’s not just about hitting a golf ball!)
Get confidence to play great putt shots (even if you haven’t practiced)
Get you handicap down quickly (many other people who have got down to a lower handicap than me using these techniques!)
Understand golf etiquette (the WAY you conduct yourself is almost as important as the SHOTS you play.)
Don’t make silly mistakes (know how execute your putt)
Advice from a professional to get your putting game in top shape quickly (secrets that will set you apart from your peers)
No weird trendy way to learn golf that make you look stupid

As you can see, this solution has changed my golf game and has made me more confident.

People thought I was crazy to ‘reinvent the wheel’ when there is already so much golf information out there. But I just had to share what I’ve learnt.

So let me explain about Perfect Putting…

Here’s What You Get

When you get The Ultimate Putting Guide (which offers a complete and affordable option compared to many other sites), you’ll also get access to our “Top 10 Golf Tips”. This was compiled by a pro golfer and offers the secret insights that make the difference between an average and a pro-golfer. The best part about this, is that the process of learning how to putt is fun! There are loads of pictures and illustrations to make the process easy and enjoyable.

It’s true! I’ve had feedback from clients who found the process fun!

As you go through the program you’ll see that the process is really EASY to understand and the illustrations mean that you never get left behind or confused.

That’s what I want for you! I want you to be relaxed (one of the secrets to good golf), have fun AND learn how to perfect your putting stroke.

When you’ve mastered the guide and are ready to move on, we’ve got the next steps planned out for you so you can continue learning how to golf with discount on another great product: Ultimate Chipping which will answer questions on your short game.

Here’s the complete list of what you can expect:

Get confidence to play golf (even if you haven’t practiced)
Fully illustrated guide with all the important information